Case Study:

American Apparel

20% Drop in Facebook Retargeting CPA

20x Reduction in Retargeting CPA

“Perfect Audience being so responsible allows me to be more responsible to my team. I really appreciate, not only the communicativeness, but the friendliness of their team.”

– Laura Oppenheimer / Marketing Manager


About InstaEDU

InstaEDU is an online tutoring platform where students in need can instantly connect with thousands of tutors from top colleges. They are currently operated by Chegg Tutuors: »

The Opportunity

InstaEDU was looking to attract more students who needed academic help. Facebook retargeting was a natural fit, but the first FB platform Laura worked with was clunky and she wasn’t able to quickly create targeted campaigns. Laura realized students were getting ad fatigue, and she wasn’t comfortable with the high CPAs.

The Solution

Laura had seen Perfect Audience in the press and decided to give them a shot. She was immediately impressed with the level of service and coaching she received from the team, and loved the platform’s ability to easily change creative on the fly and target ads based on specific customer segments (ie: ads for Econ vs Bio tutoring) for a better CPA.

The Results

  • Facebook retargeting Cost-Per-Acquisition dropped 20x over previous provider
  • InstaEDU moved all display retargeting campaigns over to Perfect Audience

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